Tai Ki Ken Do
Jo vs Boken
Saya als wapen

Tai Ki Ken Do is a sword style which in a modern way, combines the classic sword styles of Japan, China and Korea into an effective sword method.
Weapens such as the Japanese sword "katana", the wooden sword "bokken", the long stick called "jo", the knife "tanto" and the Chinese sword "Dao" are being used. 

Tai Ki Ken Do means  “The way of the Body, Mind and Sword". The basics of are recorded in multiple sets of kata, called Pinang. In these kata, the footwork, basic cuts, stabs and slashes and blocks are trained through so called "shadow fights" (fights without opponent). 

However, a fight never follows a set of pre-subscribed movements; there can be one opponent, but also two..., or three. In a kata, the attacker comes form the front, but what if he comes from the left, the right or even behind? The strenght of Tai Ki Ken Do lies in searching for answers to the situations described above. You learn to adapt the techniques thaught in the basic kata in a way that they can be applied in different ways. You create insight, develop your ability to adjust yourself and train your awareness, mental and physical peace in order to deal effectively with these varying situations.

Because we train with a diversity of weapons, you create a large insight in the possibilities and impossibilities of a certain type of weapon. For example, a sword is very sharp and allows the wielder to cut and slash, but thal also limits the its use. A bokken does not have this sharp edge, it can not cut and slash. At first sight, it seems a limitatin, but due to the lack of this sharp edge, it has the possibility to be handled in multiple ways. During our Tai Ki Ken Do lessons, we are constantly searching for the possibilities of the combination of the weapen, the body and the mind.