Kamome Ryu was founded in 2003 by Peter de Jong as school for Eastern sword arts.

Peter de Jong started Tai Ki Ken Do in 1994 with his teacher Willem P. Wiersma shihan in Scheveningen. 

Kamome Ryu means "school of the seagul". It was the first name of the school,of Peter's teacher after he came back form his world travels. In the first years of Kamome Ryu the school was located in Scheveningen as well, so there was no name more appropriate than Kamome Ryu. Besides, it was an honour to receive that name from his teacher. In 2005 Kamome Ryu moved to Wassenaar.


During the many years that  Peter has practised with his teacher (and still does) he also received grades in Aikido, Jukado and T'ien Shan Pai kung fu, but his heart is mostly with the armed, be it with katana, bokken, dao, jo, tanto or shinai, Tai Ki Ken Do.

After many years of traning, studying the techniques and gaining experience, Peter received the 10th Dan in Wi Su Ryu Tai Ki Ken Do in 2016 from his teacher.


In 2015 Peter got interested in Shiatsu massage. At Academie Qing Bai he succesfully completed the first years of basic shiatsu massage. During the shiatsu trainings, he was introduced to several aspects of qigong, that was regularly used as a warming up for the classes. Intrigued by these beautiful and relaxing movements, that seemed to be so different from his experience as a swordsman, but yet being such an important part of it, Peter decided to deepen his experience with qigong. 

In 2016 he completed the basic traning qigong at the Tao Chi Academy and in 2017 he succesfully completed the instructor course.

In June 2019 passed the exam for Instructor 1. He is currently continuing his training in qigong with the Tao Chi Qigong Academy's Teachers Training.

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