Tai Ki Ken Do


A classic Eastern sword style, presented in a modern way, where one learns to use weapons like the Katana, bokken, the Dao, the Jo, tanto and shinai.



One of the 5 pilars of the Traditional Chinese Medicine. Qigong balances body and mind by combining breathing techniques, physical movements and meditation.



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In September 2018 we started with a small but entousiastic group for our weekly qigong classes. There is enough room for new people to join our group, so if you would like to work on a pleasant of soft way on your physical and mental health, join us now.

Classes are on Monday evening from 19:30 to 20:45


Tai Ki Ken Do:

October 2018 Kamome Ryu had its 15th anniversary. During those years we have practised our style Wi Su Ryu Tai Ki Ken Do with a lot of fun and enthousiasm.
We have some room for new people, so if you are interested in matrial arts and swords in particular, join us now or come see us during one of our trainings.

Tai Ki Ken Do is practised on Thursday evenings from 19:45 to 21:15